Message from the Director:

Welcome to the Belin-Blank Center’s Ning created and developed Dr. Laurie Croft, the Belin-Blank Center’s associate director for professional development and a clinical professor of teaching and learning, and Anna Payne, an experienced math teacher and advanced graduate student in mathematics education.  Together, they have developed a website platform chock-full of information and resources designed specifically to empower educators and parents seeing material about gifted and talented learners.  

The valuable service provided by the Belin-Blank Center to the 1000+ members of the listserv will continue.  The Ning will add value to that service by making available text and multimedia content related to topics generated by the members of the listserv.  I have no doubt that Ning followers will find the content engaging and the web-platform appealing.   Welcome and enjoy being a part of this latest endeavor to bring gifted and talented education to you.

Dr. Susan Assouline

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A place to find answers - a community dedicated to supporting gifted learners - professional learning with no walls or time constraints...

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